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 Cybiont's 4th release - 'So much work for love' is available at 





Never stops from 'So much work for love'


So much work for love - from 'So much work for love to do'

An Impossible Love Affair - from Music from a Living Universe


Reviews of 'So much work for love'

Tearaway Magazine - The sound cannot be caught or tamed. Each song is different, the album a journey, and the instrumental combinations do not sit still long enough to be given a genre. This is the best kind of music. 

Gregor's Bed - “So Much Work For Love to Do—So Much Work For Me and You”. I called Cybiont’s last album, Angels & Demons, one of the most significant albums of the year. Cybiont, in an apparent act of pure spite, released an even better album this year.

Muzic.net.nz -  I’ve been trying to come up with ways to describe what he does with little luck.  Just when I think I’ve got it pegged, the sound changes and I have to begin again.  Sometimes there’s a real Nick Cave feel to it, particularly on the rockier duets, but then it goes and turns into something like a moody Nine Inch Nails.



Cybiont 3 - "Music from a Living Universe" & "Dark Side of my Spoon".

Digital download at 



John "Pappa Toe" Turner: In a world that is often callous, there are just a few voices that can be heard above the fodder. ‘Music from a Living Universe & Dark side of my Spoon’, Cybiont’s  3rd  CD release in physical form, is one that can be heard throughout the universes. Yes, there are more than one and I don’t just mean that it’s a two CD set but rather that the reality of the unknown is beautifully represented here.

Wanda Waterman St. Louis - The first few bars into Cybiont’s music, and you’re hit with the realness of it; it’s so authentic it practically lactates, which is one reason why Gregor recommended Cybiont’s last album, Angels & Demons, back in July. This new CD is no slouch either, delivering all the evocative thrills and twists and turns of altered consciousness you can achieve this side of dropping acid. 

John S - Muzic.net.net - From the first track I was thrown into deep memories of listing to Nick Cave during summer road trips during my youth. These memories creep up on me just like both albums have. Not so much a two CD set but more of an adventure that is mostly harmless but boosts emotional flavours leaving you wanting more. 



Cybiont is a musical venture residing in New Zealand - inspired by all those brave enough to bring something new into this world.


Musical Bricolage as Metaphor: [Angels & Demons] one of the most significant albums I’ve heard this year
- Voice Magazine

"This album [angels & demons] goes beyond intriguing, it is fabulously fascinating.

This is the kind of music that demands your full attention.  Not easily definable, Angels and Demons is full of different sounds that writhe together to form some of the most intriguing songs I've heard. 

"Prepare to be taken on a spiritual journey with the debut album from Cybiont, named ‘A Trilogy Of Random Thoughts & Considerations’. It’s a unique collection filled with just that - bursting at the seams with imagination, and an obvious love for life and all its experiences."
- Amanda Ratcliffe, Under the radar

NME- E  - gives "A Trilogy..." 8/10  'An urban poet with a new-age, conceptual style to his music, Cybiont is certainly worth a listen'.
-Nick Clarke/NME-E

"In his debut album, this New Zealander successfully combines an array of music styles into a creamy blend of planetary soup"
-Pappa Toe

" ...a spaced-out collection of sixteen tracks best listened to in a smoky, candlelit room at 2 a.m.
Angels and Demons would make a good soundtrack for a psychological horror film". 
 -Slums of Hollywoods Boulevard

"Then you get to the end [of Angels & Demons] and sit back and wonder what the fuck just happened.
-Rave Magazine


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